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Playing with maps (QGIS, PostGIS, OSM)

I do like maps.   Recently  I was looking at some digital maps and  got into more details and found several nice open source tools about which I’d like to write in this article.  As in any area open source provides interesting alternatives to work with digital maps and geographical data and what is also very interesting there are now free sources of  good quality geographical  data, which  can be used freely by everybody to create their own maps.   In this article I’m explaining how use data from Open Street Maps (OSM) project  for creating maps in QGIS and how to use PostGIS to store geographic informations and have  fun playing around with their different features of map data and tools. This tutorial is focused on linux (debian based – ubuntu 12.04 resp. mint in my case) desktop and assumes some basic knowledge of  your linux desktop administration. Continue reading Playing with maps (QGIS, PostGIS, OSM)