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Eclipse Help Browser And Proxy

It’s quite pathetic, that HTTP proxies settings are causing problems again and again in various applications – like UbuntuOne,  pip …  Maybe it is just problem for Ubuntu/Linux platforms where proxy settings are in separate places (dconf keys for desktop,  http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, no_proxy environment variables).

This time it was Eclipse IDE. Problem here is like this –  Eclipse has proxy settings in Preferences/ General / Network connections – however these settings are not applied to Help Browser (started via Help/Help Contents) –  this browser is using system settings (I believe from dconf key system.proxy in my case),  but not in consistent way –  while browser is fine with subnet entry in system.proxy.ignore-hosts  like, Eclipse help browser is not,  it just requires server part of url – e.g. just

Also Native option for proxy settings in Eclipse (which are used for updates, plugins install) seems not to work on Linux.

I spent some time to fix this,  another victim to inconsistent proxy handling.

Aptana Studio And Git/Github

Aptana studia is a plugin to Eclipse, which contains many useful modules (like PyDev) and amongst many also GIT module. However this module is different than EGit ( and EGit cannot be installed because it conflicts with Aptana Git)so manual on Github is not applicable. So how does it work? On my recent project I’ve tried to use it  and here is quick guide how to  create project and push it to Github. Continue reading Aptana Studio And Git/Github