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Convert Dictionary for PocketBook eBook Reader

I’m great fan of ebooks and recently I changed my old Hanlin to new reader – PocketBook 626.   PocketBook is an European company, which is distributing  PocketBook readers, the actual development of devices is done by Ukrainian company Obreey Products. Ukrainian and Russian programmers have been always very active in ebooks technology (FB2 format,  CoolReaderFBReader, OpenInkPot (opensource FW for ebook) and more), so no wonder they have been able to produce quite a nice device.   I personally do prefer it to Kindle   because of wider format support (especially for support of epub format) and for broader possibilities how to customize the device  (price wise they are basically similar to Kindle).

One of first tasks was to get there more useful language dictionaries (there are some built in, but can get better ones). Many high quality free dictionaries are available in stardict format (for instance here for Czech language dictionaries;  other sites are available, which offer also other formats of dictionaries). Continue reading Convert Dictionary for PocketBook eBook Reader