MyBookshelf2 – Ebooks Management and Sharing

Mybookshelf2 is next generation solution for sharing and managing ebooks for personal or community purposes. It’s fully web based written in Python and Javascript. Basically it is a complete rewrite of my old project Mybookshelf (with completely new technologies)

The key focus is on:

  • enabling different files for an ebook – event same formats multiple times (that was one of my key issues with Calibre, because it enables only one file per format).
  • Easy way to convert ebook to needed format (event from doc files) from selected file. Mass conversion of all ebooks of given author, all ebooks in series, bookshelf.
  • Easy way to upload file to new or existing ebook (use metadata in file, auto-completes to add authors, series …) .
  • Accessible from any device, responsive design (at least for read – Ebooks readers usually have fairly basic web browsers, so simple pages should be available for ebooks listing and download in such devices).
  • Easy and intuitive organization of ebooks using ‘bookshelves’ ( a list of books) –  you can have as many bookshelves as needed – ( like Want to read,  Top 100 books, Recommended to me, …)

Video Demo

Basic usage of MBS2 – list, search, add ebooks, convert ebooks:

New features added in current ‘beta’ version (bookshelves, merge, mass conversion):

Source Code

Project is currently in beta status – code is available here at github.
Application can be easily installed and tried with help of the Docker – see instructions for deployment.

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