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Openshift – Second Thoughts

Openshift Online still remains one of most generous Paas offerings on the market. With 3 free containers it’s really good bargain. Recently I’ve modified  couple of my older applications to run in Openshift (myplaces and iching) to run in Openshift.

Previously I’ve created pretty standard and simple Flask application and deployed it on Openshift. The process was pretty straightforward as described in this article. However now situation was different, because both applications are special. Continue reading Openshift – Second Thoughts

OpenShift Experiencies

PaaS is happily buzzing in the Cloud and it seems to be hottest topic in the infrastructure  services today,  so I decided to test Openshift –  PaaS  offering  from Red Hat.  Couple of reasons make this platform interesting – firstly it’s open source solution, so we can use it to build your own private solution, secondly on public service we  get 3 gears ( linux containers with predefined configuration) for free forever, so it’s easy to experiment with this platform. As a sample project we will create very simple Python Flask web application with MongoDb. Continue reading OpenShift Experiencies