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Testing Terminal Apps

Sometimes you need to test a terminal application, which reads user inputs from terminal and prints results to terminal.  These tasks are very common in introductory programming courses. Simple testing tool can help here, and students can learn good practices – automatic testing – from the very beginning.  I’ve been looking around and does not find anything, simple enough, that ie can be used by beginner and provide basic actions – for  testing output of program and supplying inpu to itt.  So I created such tool – simpletest. Continue reading Testing Terminal Apps

Terminal Interfaces in Python

Although there is a fair choice of GUI libraries for Python (good overview of Python GUI libraries is here), sometimes we need just a little bit more enhanced terminal interface, like in my recent project –  XMPP test client  – where requirements were quite simple – just to split terminal screen into two areas –  main screen where messages are displayed (possibly asynchronously) and bottom line, where commands/messages can  be entered:

layout Continue reading Terminal Interfaces in Python