Main purpose of this site is to host many of my small projects as they had appeared (and disappeared) over the time. Projects are mainly about different programs in different languages.

Through times I used following main languages:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Python

accompanied by HTML/CSS/Javascript for Web Interfaces and SQL/PLSQL for databases.  Plus XML, XSLT, Shell and many other things that one can meet.

My projects where mostly driven by an interest in some particular area –  either a kind of research project to test something for some commercial projects, or some interesting thing that I saw, or some private interest that required some programming.  That causes quite broad scope of my projects and also that many projects were left in early stages, when my interest was satisfied.

So some projects might be just a bunch of test others might be more useful.  All is presented as it is with good will and hope that it might be of interest to somebody and also to keep some track and documentation for myself, in case I’ll need it.

Many projects (especially C# and Java) are available only on my old site.

Feel free to use whatever you will find on this side and contact me if you will have some particular queries. However do not be disappointed, if you will not receive immediate answer – I might be busy somewhere else or I do not answer to stupid or obvious questions, which can be easily resolved by little effort on requester’s side.

My Digital Bits And Pieces