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Xen 4 – Combined Bridged And NAT Networking

Normally Xen is deployed with plenty of of public IPs,  so it can use bridged networking and each virtual machine can have it’s own public IP.  However in my case I was limited by only 1 public IP, but I wanted to run several VMs with services accessible from outside.  Solution was to modify XEN networking scripts.

Idea is to use an internal bridge with hidden IP subnet and to use NAT and port forwading so particular services on VMs can be reached from outside (on public IP, which is assigned to DOM0).This solution works for me successfully on Debian Squeeze. Continue reading Xen 4 – Combined Bridged And NAT Networking

Partly Cloudy – Openstack in VM

Having heard so much about clouds and ‘Infrastructure as A Service’ recently I decided to try Openstack – complete open source solution for cloud computing.   Openstack is actually a set of softwares, that together provide necessary services for a cloud infrastructure.  Openstack (Essex release) can be installed in virtual machine, Virtual Box in my case, so I gave it a try and here are some of my observations: Continue reading Partly Cloudy – Openstack in VM