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What’s new in audioserve

Unfortunately I did not have much time to update my blog. But I’m not dead and neither audioserve is – actually last half of year or so I focused on building new client. As of now new client is ready for production (version 0.3.3 +) and server has some new functionality too, mainly to support new client.

There is now online demo automatically built from master branch (shared secret is mypass).

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Audioserve release and some retro fun

Recently I released new version of audioserve v0.16.5, which brings some interesting changes. I think I’ve described them in previous article and for sure they are also described in README. This release was focused on two major themes – performance and API. Concerning API – I’ve created small funny page using WebAmp audio player (Web recreation of famous WinAmp). It’s just for demo how audioserve API can be easily used, not everything works reasonably as WinAmp was focused on music. I have been using WinAmp some 20+ years back, at dawn of the past century, so I could not resist to play with it when I saw it.

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Are you dead?

Not yet. However I did not publish much in last 9 month or so due to several reasons- and covid was not the least significant one. I started couple of interesting things, but was lazy and demotivated to sum them up even in small article. I also changed my job few months back, which kept me quite busy, but positive impact was I’m waking up from lethargy caused by covid and past job.

So I’ll try to quickly summarize past year or so in here, it’ll be nothing special, just to have things accounted:

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