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Selfhosting in Era of Cloud

Today one can choose from overwhelming variety of online (cloud) services in almost any thinkable area. Many of them provide vast amount of content and have professional user interfaces / clients. So why to bother with selfhosting, when one can just choose from this broad offer? And I’m here referring mainly to personal selfhosting – e.g. running some services from computer/server running at your home and providing these services to yourself plus family members. Does it make still any sense, when you can hardly compete with internet giants? In this article I’d like to present few reasons, why I think that selfhosting still have some values.

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Blockchain madness

Some technologies I really notice only when they hit me directly into the face.   That’s the case of blockchain  –  I have been looking into Bitcoin several years back and found it quite interesting (especially from cryptographic perspective – as interesting usecase for applied cryptography), but never expected that it’ll reach such extensive grow in popularity as we have seen in past half year or so.   This forced me to looked again into these technologies and get bit more detailed understanding about blockchain technologies, why it’s so popular now and particularly look at recent development and on  next big player in this area Ethereum project.

In this article I’ll share some initial thoughts of mine about blockchain, what I think it is and why it matters. In later article(s) we’ll look into  Ethereum from purely practical perspective. We will build a local playground for Ethereum, where we can try immediately some basic functions of the system. Continue reading Blockchain madness