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Opa – Mixed Impressions

Coming little bit late to Opa (looks like real hype was  couple years ago), I  was still caught by this interesting new language.  Opa is a new language – cross-over between JavaScript ( providing JS like syntax) and OCaml (using  many functional programming idioms from that language , plus Opa complier is written in OCaml). Opa is used  solely to program web applications –  so Opa is both language and web framework. Opa compiles to JavaScript,  which on client side runs in a browser and on server side in node.js. You write just one Opa code and compiler decided, where the code should run.

I have spent some time looking into Opa recently – mainly trying some of Opa tutorial plus and doing some small experiments myself and I’d like to share my experiences and impressions. Continue reading Opa – Mixed Impressions