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Migrating Tokio and Futures – What to Look for

I’ve finally found courage to look after migrating audioserve to new hyper and tokio and futures crates. As new futures (0.3) are significantly different from previous version, mainly due to support of async/await keywords, I was expecting significant effort, so I was kind of delaying it. Now when it’s almost done, I’d like to reflect a bit on the effort. Firstly – it was not as bad as expected (although after updating cargo dependencies I’ve got about a hundred of errors). Secondly – there are some patterns to follow in migration, which I’ve like to describe further in the article.

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Future Never Sleeps

Recently I’ve been reading this book:¬† “Network Programming with Rust” by Abhishek Chanda. I found this book bit problematic. It’s just collection of many unrelated examples (often taken from crates documentation), with just little of background and concepts explanation and in some parts this book is just wrong, in other parts it’s using too much simplifications, so the result does not make much sense or worst it introduces some dangerous ideas. One of these¬† places is part about futures and streams – let’s look at one example: Continue reading Future Never Sleeps