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Ocaml, Ocsigen, I Ching and Web Applications

Reading recently great Philip K Dick novel The Man in the High Castle I learned about I Ching – ancient Chinese philosophical, cosmological, but mainly divination text. I’m no big fan of divination, so in case of I Ching I would generally agree with this critical review.  However the procedure of divination used within I Ching is quite interesting – hexagrams actually represent one of oldest binary codes.  Idea that one’s fortune could be represented by 6 bits (actually it’s 12 bits, because for practical divination purpose we use 6 x 4 states) is quite amusing.   So I decided to create online I Ching application as an exercise to learn bit more about Ocsigen web framework.  You can check result of my effort here. Continue reading Ocaml, Ocsigen, I Ching and Web Applications