Eclipse Help Browser And Proxy

It’s quite pathetic, that HTTP proxies settings are causing problems again and again in various applications – like UbuntuOne,  pip …  Maybe it is just problem for Ubuntu/Linux platforms where proxy settings are in separate places (dconf keys for desktop,  http_proxy, HTTP_PROXY, no_proxy environment variables).

This time it was Eclipse IDE. Problem here is like this –  Eclipse has proxy settings in Preferences/ General / Network connections – however these settings are not applied to Help Browser (started via Help/Help Contents) –  this browser is using system settings (I believe from dconf key system.proxy in my case),  but not in consistent way –  while browser is fine with subnet entry in system.proxy.ignore-hosts  like, Eclipse help browser is not,  it just requires server part of url – e.g. just

Also Native option for proxy settings in Eclipse (which are used for updates, plugins install) seems not to work on Linux.

I spent some time to fix this,  another victim to inconsistent proxy handling.

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