Audioserve release and some retro fun

Recently I released new version of audioserve v0.16.5, which brings some interesting changes. I think I’ve described them in previous article and for sure they are also described in README. This release was focused on two major themes – performance and API. Concerning API – I’ve created small funny page using WebAmp audio player (Web recreation of famous WinAmp). It’s just for demo how audioserve API can be easily used, not everything works reasonably as WinAmp was focused on music. I have been using WinAmp some 20+ years back, at dawn of the past century, so I could not resist to play with it when I saw it.

Above is the screenshot of this page. If you want you can play with it. But do not expect much. If you want real demo of audioserve, try this (shared secret is mypass).

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